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The above PCBs need assembly service

PCB Quantity:


Stencil:tip help

Yes No It is must customize stencil if PCB which including SMD components

Assembly type:tip help

Assembly Side(s):tip help

         SMD_single_side SMD_double_side

Assembly Requirement:tip help

         Lead_Tin Lead_Free(ROHS)

Assembly IPC Standard:tip help

         IPC_Class_1 IPC_Class_2 IPC_Class_3

Other Special request:

Please upload BOM list. If gerber file already upload in PCB fabrication, no need to re-upload here. If the components will provide by yourself, just remind that please check and prepare components for assembly: - All components provide must be in cut tape with10% extra quantity for the small size components, especially the small parts as capacitor and resistor. (In reel package if it's mass assembly) - Please provide correct BOM list and assembly drawing. If there is orientation issue, please indicate it on assembly drawing. - Check and tidy up all components' footprint and quantity before consign to us.

Note: upload file in rar/zip format only, not more than 20m in size

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