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pcb prototype PCB Design & Layout PCB ISO

* Size :


Blind and buried via:tip help

    Yes No

* Design software:tip help

pcb software     Cadence_allegro PADS AltiumDesigner Others

Detailed settings (optional)

Min line
Track/Spacing:tip help

3/3mil 4/4mil 5/5mil 6/6mil↑ track track

via/Hole Size:tip help

0.1mm(HDI) 0.2mm 0.25mm 0.3mm↑ NoDrill hole

Vias not covered:tip help

Vias not covered     Yes No

Show Designators
on the board:tip help

Designators     Yes No

Special shape:tip help

Special shape     Yes No

BGA · CSP:tip help

BGA     Yes No Max BGA-PIN:2500 , Min BGA-Spacing:0.20mm
12G CML ↑    Any level of chat (ELIC) ↑

Other Special request:

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